Friday, February 26, 2010

About Weird Connections the Mind ties

-Sometimes the smell of alcohol reminds me of ice cream. Rum-Raisin Ice cream to be exact. So in the middle of a party or any social gathering, my mind, nose, and taste will experience for the tiniest second a sweet and cold sensation of Rum & Raisins combined with the feeling of blissfully riding a mechanical bird. My grandpa used to feed me with it every other afternoon when I was 2 or 3 years old. The memory dies and I’m back at the party, with my whatever drink at hand.

-Every time I hug a chubby cigarette-smelling guy-friend, I think of my uncle. The hug is upgraded immediately.

-There was a bathroom in my first internship job where I always felt pain. A douchebag broke up with me a week before starting the job, so sometimes I would need to feel miserable and I would do it in the 1st floor bathroom. Five months after the break-up I was more than over him, but every time I went into that bathroom I felt the pain. “What the hell is this?” I would ask and then smile a skeptical smile. Ten months after the break-up that baseless feeling would still emerge but I would just think “Oh yeah, right.” And smile my careless smile.

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