Tuesday, October 25, 2011

air awaits

The rope is giving you blisters.
Can’t you see?
Loosen your fingers,
now loosen your grip.
It hurts now, but who feels it.
Let th rope slowly slide down.
Watch it fall to the ground.
Observe your empty hand.
Now it’s free to do whatever.
It’s free to caress, not to trap.
It’s open to wave hello and goodbye.
It has space in it for infinite possibilities.
You can see its lines, color and texture.
You can see it has no intentions.

Your hand was a slave of that rope.
The only thing it was trapping was itself.
Now it’s free.
Move your fingers.
Make them play with the air.
See the light fly through them.
Be free.
Ignore the ropes.
Never stop playing.
Play again with the air.
The air that surrounded you that first moment.
The air that takes you anywhere.
Just love the air.
That’s it.

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