Monday, November 16, 2009

Crazy Eyes

Crazy Eyes
Twisted mind
But beneath, the peace lies.
What will it take bitter lady
To find the peace inside

I thought you hated me
And there was no apparent reason
But the world is your reason
My ego reacted
The storm hid my heart
Tears of ego
And then it was I with the crazy eyes

You look at her and you smile
You look at me and you boil
Ya’ switched your glasses
And saw evil right after kindness

You think you’re so right
You think you’re so above
You know you’re miserable
and that’s all you show

You exploded yesterday
You are at ease today
What will it happen tomorrow
Who cares cuz’ dead I will play

I’m zipping my lips now
I’m ignoring my mind
The only way I’ll survive you
Is if I open my heart

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